Skill Development Opportunities

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Improve  your game by taking advantage of Renton Select Basketball's affordable skill  development opportunities! Renton Select Basketball skill development opportunities are available to student-athletes in  grades 2 - college and student-athletes do not have to be members of the Renton Select  Basketball program to participate in our skill development opportunities.  For more information and to register for our skill development opportunities please see the information below.

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Why train with Renton Select Basketball?

Renton Select Basketball's  training  focus' on teaching, developing, and  improving fundamental basketball  skills and abilities needed to excel.  Renton Select Basketball's training includes basketball skill development, teaching basketball IQ, and game application. Our training also includes, but is not limited to components of speed/agility/quickness training, as well as plyometric, strength, and conditioning training.

Training Options

Private Training (1 on 1)

Semi-Private Training (2 - 3)

Small Group (4 - 10)

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Why attend Renton Select Basketball Camps?

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Camp Options

 Winter Camp  December 27, 30, & 31

Grades 1 - 8

Mid-Winter Break Camp February 17 - 19

Grades 1 - 8

Point Guard Camp - TBA

Grades 9 - 12

Wing Camp - TBA

Grades 9 - 12

Post Camp - TBA

Grades 9 - 12

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Developmental League

Why participate in the developmental league?

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Developmental League FAQ

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Renton Select Basketball Training Trailer

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