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Winter Sports Clearance Information

Boy's  basketball try-outs are November 18 & 19, 2019. Winter sports has  the largest number of student-athletes participating and getting cleared. We encourage all  interested student-athletes to complete the below listed steps ASAP (all by  November 1, 2019 at the latest) to get cleared. Athletic clearances  take place before school (6:45 - 7:15 a.m.), during lunch, or after  school (2:03 - 3:00 p.m.). If you do not complete the steps below as  they are listed you cannot get cleared, if you do not get cleared you  cannot try-out, and if you do not try-out you cannot potentially make a team

ASB Card:

Each student-athlete must purchase an ASB card for $30 from the ASB office. We encourage student-athletes to purchase their ASB card by September 16, 2019. If your student-athlete tries out and does not make a team, the ASB card fee is non-refundable.

Sport's Fee:

Each student-athlete must pay the winter sport's fee. The winter sport's fee is $75 or $37.50 if your student-athlete receives free or reduced lunch. We encourage student-athletes to pay the winter sport's fee by October 4, 2019 in the ASB office. If your student-athlete tries out and does not make a team, the sport's fee will be refunded.

Athletic Physical

Each student-athlete must have a current sports physical. Sports physicals can be from your student-athlete's medical care provider or from the Health Point clinic located inside Renton High School. The sports physical must be completed on the form below. If your student-athlete is getting a sports physical at the Health Point clinic at Renton High School, you must complete the Health Point consent forms below.

Complete Registration (Winter Sports Registration Not Available Yet):​

1. Go to

​2. Click 2019 - 2020 Winter Sports Registration under PROGRAMS

3.  Scroll down and click REGISTER NOW and follow the directions for  registering. If this is your first time registering, select the CREATE ACCOUNT option. If you registered last or a previous year or registered for a fall sport this year on Family ID, use the same login information.

You  do not pay any fees on Family ID. Note, the most common mistake made is  under the insurance section. The "Carrier" is who the insurance is  through (Medicaid, etc.), the "Subscriber Name" is the either the  parent/guardian name or student-athlete's name, and the "Group Number"  must be input.

Once you have completed the Family ID registration confirm with Mrs. Trezza in the athletic office that it was completed correctly. If it is not completely correctly you will not be cleared.

Once these four steps have been completed, your student-athlete will take the receipt from the winter sport's fee payment and their ASB card  to the ASB office to receive a pink sheet. Your student-athlete will take the pink sheet and their completed athletic physical form to the athletic office, they will receive a clearance card they will give to Coach Powell, and this will complete their winter clearance process. We recommend completing the winter sports clearance process by November 4, 2019.

A Message From Coach Powell

As a graduate of THEE Renton High School and former member of the boy's basketball program, it is an honor and pleasure to return to lead the next generation of student-athletes. Following in the footsteps of the long-time, Hall of Fame, and legendary Coach Comer, I take great pride in both Renton High School and the boy's basketball program. I look forward to leading the program to future successes on and off the court, while teaching our student-athletes to embody Renton High School's motto of "Pride, Tradition, and Excellence." 

Academically, my staff and I will push our student-athletes to strive for greatness academically, as they would athletically, and to be prepared for graduation on-time. This will happen by (but not limited to) facilitating study table after school, making available academic resources, assigning academic coaches, and conducting grade checks. Athletically, my staff and I will pride ourselves on the ability to develop and coach our student-athletes by investing time and providing the resources and opportunities for growth and improvement. 

In closing, I am not looking for our successes only to be measured by "wins and losses," but by the growth, development, and improvement academically, athletically, and personally of our student-athletes. Go RENTON!

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Student-Athlete Information

NCAA Eligibility Center


 The eligibility center is the organization within the NCAA that determines the academic eligibility and amateur status for all NCAA student-athletes.

Please click to access the NCAA Eligibility Center's Guide For High School Counselors. This is a great resource and comprehensive look at what is needed and entailed in being a student-athlete in the NCAA. Please work closely with your school counselor beginning in the 9th grade to ensure you are taking the necessary core classes required for NCAA eligibility.

NCAA Clearinghouse


 The NCAA Clearinghouse is the process student-athletes must register for and complete in order to play sports at an NCAA institution.

Student-athletes at the beginning of their 11th grade/Junior year who plan on or hope to play for an institution in the NCAA should register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. 

To register with the NCAA Clearinghouse go to Note, there is a fee associated with registration and this process is not necessary for student-athletes playing at the NAIA or Junior/Community College level. 

FAFSA Information


The Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an application that can be completed annually by current and prospective college students  to determine their eligibility for student financial aid including grants, work-study, student loans, and some scholarships. 

The FAFSA is completed during the 12th Grade/Senior year, normally beginning in December or January. Note, do not delay in completing this process and schools can be added or changed later. To complete the FAFSA please click and follow the steps for either creating or logging in to an existing account. Follow the remaining steps for completing the FAFSA.